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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Bad Spell

One sunny morning, the birds were chirping harmoniously in the thick forest. The

mischievous monkey was swinging from trees to trees. He was watching his friends

above the tree and thinking hard who to fool with.

While the monkey was cracking his head, the lion suddenly roared and this

annoyed him! “I would surely pay you a trick later!” the monkey said to himself.

Meanwhile, another friend, the elephant was coming from far. Very quickly, the monkey

was ready to cast his spell. Secretly, he held his tiny magic wand in right arm. There the

cast went “Blink! Blink!”. Once the spell worked, immediately after the monkey’s trick,

the elephant could hardly trumpet! The same happened to the lion! He could not roar


The poor lion was suffering the spell and they knew it was the monkey’s trick.

Before the lion managed to warn the monkey, he saw a fierce cruel tiger approaching

them! He wanted to roar to warn all his friends to run for life. However, it was too late

and the tiger caught the giraffe and tore off her skin. The other animals ran away while

watching their pitiful friend being eaten by the tiger. Even though the monkey undid the

spell afterward, they all already lost a friend.

Since the day onwards, the monkey learnt a lesson and never put on a spell on his


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